Southbound Wait Times at San Ysidro Now Available

As part of the Otay II Port of Entry Project, CALTRANS will be developing and sharing real-time wait time information for both the San Ysidro and existing Otay Mesa Ports of Entry. This is a critical step for Otay II, since this project will be a toll port, and the price will vary depending on the traffic at other regional ports.

The initial phase of this project has been launched and southbound wait times at San Ysidro are now available through the CALTRANS website.

Check it out:


New Buses Added to Otay Mesa

In response to high ridership demand along the Otay Mesa border area, the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) purchased and started operating large 60-foot articulated buses to supplement standard 40-foot buses during peak commute hours on Routes 905 and 950. The first articulated bus began operations last week and more will be added in the coming months.

This move allows MTS to increase its capacity to transport riders along two heavily-used routes in the South Bay. The new buses will nearly double from about 55 passengers to nearly 100, allowing the agency to carry more people and provide extra seating for more comfortable rides.

The two routes span from the Otay Mesa Border to the Iris Avenue Transit Center. They are popular among cross-border commuters who connect from the Otay Mesa Port of Entry to the UC San Diego Blue Line Trolley. Route 905 runs every 20-30 minutes most of the day between the Iris Avenue Transit Center and Otay Mesa with multiple stops through the business corridor and some neighborhoods. Route 950 is an express route that runs approximately every 10-20 minutes during peak commute times. Routes 905 and 950 served 857,415 passengers in FY 2017 – a 25 percent increase over just four years ago when the routes served 682,830 passengers in FY 2014.

The addition of articulated buses is currently in its initial phase and service is limited to weekday peak hours only. Additional vehicles are expected to begin operating in the coming weeks, with some added throughout the day and on select weekend days.