Commuter Card Program – Videos

Jose Burciaga


Check out these NEW videos produced by the Otay Mesa Chamber of Commerce and the Smart Border Coalition that outline the Commuter Card Program.

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Because of our proximity to the border, a great deal of employees are residing in Tijuana and coming to work every day to Otay Mesa. Many of these employees have a legal permanent resident card (known as green card). This permit allows you to work in the…




Otay Mesa II Port of Entry/State Route-11


Through a partnership between CALTRANS, SANDAG and categorical support from the Otay Mesa Chamber of Commerce, a new state of the art port of entry is being proposed and developed in Otay Mesa. This innovative project will provide fast and predictable crossings via tolled approach roads that connect directly to a new state-of-the-art Port of Entry, serving both personal and commercial vehicles. The goal is to operate the new POE with an average of 20-minute border crossing time.

Project Status

The project will be built in three segments:




$89 Million for Regional Border Projects

5/25/18 - Jose Burciaga


The Trade Corridor Enhancement Program, created by Senate Bill 1 (SB 1) and funded by the recent gas tax increase and federal dollars, provides approximately $400-$500 million annually for infrastructure improvements on federally designated Trade Corridors of National and Regional Significance, on the Primary Freight Network, and along other corridors corridors that have a high volume of freight movement. The California Transportation Commission, which is tasked with implementing this program, recently approved $1.39 billion in infrastructure projects from this program, including $89 million for the border region. The following projects in Otay Mesa were funded:






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