Cargo Pre-Inspection Facility

Tijuana is home to one of three pre-inspection pilot projects initiated as an outcome of the US-Mexico High Leven Economic Dialogue. At this initial stage, trucks carrying products from the National Agricultural Release Program (NARP),are inspected in Tijuana by both CBP and Mexican Customs. This program has reduced wait times for both users of the program, as well as users of the commercial port of entry since it has removed trucks from the Otay Mesa Commercial Port of Entry.

Cargo Pre-Inspection Facility Fact Sheet


Cross Border Xpress (CBX), an unprecedented border crossing that connects a new terminal in San Diego directly into the Tijuana International Airport, opened its doors on December 9, 2015. The facility features a 390-foot enclosed pedestrian sky-bridge that spans the U.S./Mexico border, and a full-service airline passenger terminal in Southern San Diego for ticketed passengers.
Since the initial stages of this unprecedented public/private infrastructure development, the Otay Mesa Chamber aggressively advocated and supported this unique project. “The [Otay Mesa] Chamber’s assistance was invaluable to the development of this project.” Project Director, CBX

Cross Border Xpress