The 5 Realign Project / San Ysidro Port of Entry Expansion


GSA has published a website – click here – that includes live updates on the I-5 realignment. Due to these closures, expect major delays crossing to Tijuana through Otay Mesa from September to Thanksgiving.

If you are interested in the presentation from GSA on this topic, download our webinar recorded on July 25 – click here


The San Ysidro Land Port of Entry (LPOE) is the busiest land border crossing in the Western Hemisphere; currently processing an average of 50,000 northbound vehicles and 25,000 northbound pedestrians per day.

After a united front of support and advocacy from several economic development and government organizations, funding was secured for a major expansion of the port. The scope includes the demolition and construction of the port, including primary and secondary inspection areas, administration and pedestrian buildings, and all other support structures. The project will expand pedestrian processing facilities including a new pedestrian crossing on the east side of the port that will connect with a new multimodal transportation hub in Mexico and expanded northbound inspection facilities. Additionally, there will be a new north and southbound crossing at El Chaparral/Virginia Avenue with an associated transit center.

Once completed, the new port will boast 62 northbound vehicle primary inspection booths, one dedicated bus lane and inspection booth spread over 34 lanes, as well as improved processing facilities for bus and Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection (SENTRI) travelers.