Commuter Card Program – Videos


Check out these NEW videos produced by the Otay Mesa Chamber of Commerce and the Smart Border Coalition that outline the Commuter Card Program.

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Because of our proximity to the border, a great deal of employees are residing in Tijuana and coming to work every day to Otay Mesa. Many of these employees have a legal permanent resident card (known as green card). This permit allows you to work in the US but also requires you to reside in the US. People in this situation are not in compliance with US law and can face repercussions, such as inadmissibility into the US.

Fortunately, there is a commuter card program that allows people to work in the US and reside in Mexico. This program will allow your employees to abide by the law and be eligible for trusted traveler program, such as SENTRI and Global Entry. This can be a huge productivity boost for your companies because employees would see a dramatic reduction in wait times when crossing the border in addition to more predictable wait times, therefore decreasing tardiness to work, not to mention a significant increase in quality of life for workers.

Check out these presentations by the Smart Border Coalition that outline the key benefits and potential disadvantages of the Commuter Card Program. If you are interested in a detailed presentation about this program to your employees, please email our Executive Director, Alejandra Mier y Teran.


Otay Mesa II Port of Entry/State Route-11

Through a partnership between CALTRANS, SANDAG and categorical support from the Otay Mesa Chamber of Commerce, a new state of the art port of entry is being proposed and developed in Otay Mesa. This innovative project will provide fast and predictable crossings via tolled approach roads that connect directly to a new state-of-the-art Port of Entry, serving both personal and commercial vehicles. The goal is to operate the new POE with an average of 20-minute border crossing time.

Project Status

The project will be built in three segments:

Segment 1 (SR 11 first phase): construct a four-lane freeway between SR 905 and Enrico Fermi Drive. Construction began in December 2013 and is now completed.

In October 2015, construction began on three freeway-to-freeway connectors linking SR 905 and SR 11 to northbound SR 125. Construction is now completed. 

Segment 2 (SR 11 second phase): construct a four-lane toll highway from Enrico Fermi Drive to the new Otay Mesa East POE, and construct a new Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility.

Segment 3: construct the new Port of Entry

Completion for Segment 2 and 3 are expected in late 2019.

Efficiencies will be achieved through a host of innovations and technologies, including:

1) an integrated approach to providing advanced traveler information for the region’s major ports of entry;

2) a new border wait time detection system that feeds advanced traveler alert capabilities;

3) the use of electronic variable toll rates as a demand management strategy at Otay Mesa East;

4) and partnership approaches to designing and financing value-added amenities. 

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Otay II Presentation – (10/12/17)