Otay Mesa Port of Entry Modernization and Expansion Project

A $122 million dollar expansion project for our existing Otay Mesa Port of Entry could be ready as early as early 2022. This expansion entails doubling processing capability for pedestrians and additional truck lanes for the Otay Mesa Import facility, as well as a USDA building and the transfer of the hazardous materials importation process to the import facility (hazardous materials are currently imported through the export facility). If Congress approves funding, which was included in the proposed President’s budget, construction could begin fall of next year and the construction process would be approximately three years, So by 2022, our brand new Otay II port would be operational and we would have an expanded Otay I port, as well. Like GSA representative stated at our Otay I Expansion forum last week: “We are in the Golden Age of Border Infrastructure.” This revised version of the original Otay Mesa Modernization project proposed many years ago eliminates the expansion of vehicle lanes at the Otay Mesa POE, mainly due to the expansion of vehicle lanes at the San Ysidro Port of Entry and the anticipated new vehicular lanes at the, proposed Otay II port of entry. We hope you can join us in requesting support from our Congressional Delegation for this important project.

View GSA’s presentation on the Otay Mesa Port of Entry expansion project







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