Computer Systems Engineer

Full Time
2 weeks ago


Together with our Mexican affiliate, we specialize in the development of customized software solutions and services for the administration of companies engaged in international trade, such as inventory control, Annex 24 and rules of origin, enabling our clients to timely and effectively comply with their tax and customs obligations in Mexico and the United States.

With a team of more than 50 international trade specialists on both sides of the border, we offer our mostly Maquiladora clients technological innovations allowing them a real time control of their international trade operations.

Our software, Annex 24 for maquiladoras, is a key system required for legal and tax compliance. This software was originally created years ago and has been adapted to assure authority compliance and user efficiency, which has been achieved due to our vision to always improve and develop new solutions.



The Computer Systems Engineer will migrate, adapt and develop the Annex 24 Windows version to web; integrate interfaces needed to the new web platform; design system architecture of web development (customer, server, interfaces); verify stability, interoperability, portability, security, and scalability of system architecture; keep track on system errors, fixes, improvements and provide the solutions needed; assure software capability, efficiency, and security; provide immediate solutions for our customers; manage and supervise programmers and technicians; monitor system operation to detect potential problems; provide server management in cloud environment for the online applications and interoperation between systems; answer tech questionaries for potential customers about the architecture of the solution; conduct meetings with potential customers to solve technical and Mexican trade issues about the solutions (in English and Spanish); estimate hardware needed in case of local installations of the solution; estimate growth of data to make sure that there are sufficient resources; develop contingency plans for disaster scenarios like server hardware failure; lead Annex 24 customizations for clients.


· Bachelor’s degree as a Computer Systems Engineer

· One month of training in Computer Systems Engineering

· 60 months of work experience in Computer Systems Engineering

· Fluent in Spanish

· Knowledge of foreign trade between Mexico and the United States

· Knowledge of Mexican foreign trade laws, rules, and regulations

· Familiar with Annex 24

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $171,080.00 per year

Experience level:

  • 5 years


  • 8 hour shift

Work Location: In person