Proposed Warehouse Ordinance

Last Friday afternoon Supervisor Vargas sent the enclosed announcement referencing a proposed warehouse ordinance and a rally today. Members from our Board of Directors met with her last week to explain why her proposed ordinance would not only not help workers but actually create an enormous financial burden on small and medium warehouse operators wanting to expand to East Otay Mesa. You can read our comment letter here.

This policy would only impact warehouses established in the unincorporated area of the County, which is practically East Otay Mesa (east of Enrico Fermi/CHP Facility). 

If your warehouse is already in the County section of Otay Mesa, you may want to reach out to Supervisor Vargas’ office at to see how this new ordinance will impact you. Even though the actual ordinance would be developed in a year, we expect only large warehouse operators to be able to cope with this additional financial burden, and other non warehouse industrial users, such as auto dismantlers, trucks storage facilites, energy plants, would not be impacted.

Especially now with announcement of a new $150 million federal grant for our East Otay Port of Entry, the momentum to support supply chains is so important for California and our entire nation; however, these types of measure will only fuel inflation even more and disrupt our supply chains.

As your President and a warehouse operator myself with 58 employees a very low turnover rate and LEED Gold certified buildings the most environmental sound warehouse possible, I would like to thank you for employing so many well paid jobs, supporting our supply chains and taking care of your workers. We appreciate what you do.


Matt Jones,