RAPISCAN Vehicle Gantry System Implementation at Chaparral Port

  • RAPISCAN, a security, and screening solutions company, specializing in services for both government and private enterprises, is spearheading the project.
  • 6 initial gantries will feature cutting-edge Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) technology.
  • This technology enhances the inspection process without physically intruding into the vehicles, ensuring efficient and effective screening.
  • Project is being spearheaded by the Mexican National Customs Agency (ANAM).
  • Implementation should maximize much needed lane optimization on southbound lanes into Mexico.
  • 45,000 vehicles travel each day through this Port of Entry.

Regular updates will be shared to keep stakeholders informed and prepared for the upcoming deployment of the RAPISCAN system at the Chaparral Port.

On this note, ANAM is currently conducting a feasibility study to re-open the old Puerta Mexico access, which will provide an additional traffic release valve into Tijuana.