Smog Agency to Target Warehouses

In 2019, California Assembly Bill 423 (AB 423) amended the California Health and Safety Code which directed the District to consider adopting an indirect source rule to address pollution from mobile sources that is associated with stationary sources such as ports, warehouses, and distribution centers.  Per the AB 423 requirement, District staff began researching potential indirect source rule concepts, meeting with stakeholders, and evaluating indirect sources such as ports, warehouses, and distribution centers located throughout San Diego County.

The District's Governing Board directed staff to continue with more proactive engagement and convene a working group of community and industry stakeholders to consider and develop potential alternative regulatory and non-regulatory strategies that could further reduce indirect source emissions at the community level.  The purpose of the Warehouse Working Group (WWG) is to offer input to the District regarding potential regulatory and non-regulatory strategies to reduce air pollution and public health impacts from heavy-duty trucks and other indirect sources associated with warehouses and distribution centers in the San Diego region, with priority to those facilities in under-resourced communities.