Water Authority Incentives for Business Property Turf Conversions

Water Authority Incentives for Business Property Turf Conversions

New State Regulations Ban Watering of Non-functional Grass

As of May 24, new statewide regulations prohibit watering decorative grass in common areas of subdivisions and homeowners associations, as well as on commercial, industrial, and institutional properties.

The watering ban applies to non-functional turf grass defined as grass that is “solely ornamental” and not regularly used for recreational purposes or community events. The restriction does not apply to yards at individual homes and includes exemptions for sports fields and grassy areas made for community gatherings. Watering trees is allowed and encouraged. Enforcement of the state regulations is at the discretion of the local water agency.

The San Diego County Water Authority is offering many incentives to encourage conservation during statewide drought. Rebates and resources for business property owners include: 

  • Through a partnership between the County of San Diego’s Watershed Protection Program and the San Diego County Water Authority, businesses in unincorporated areas of the county are eligible for newly enhanced wateruse efficiency rebates in 2021. TheWaterscape Rebate Program saves money for residential, commercial, and agricultural customers who make landscape upgrades to improve the region’s climate resilience.
  • SoCalWaterSmart’s Commercial Turf Replacement Program offers great incentives to HOAs and commercial business landscapes. Businesses that convert 1 acre or more of irrigated landscapes, can also apply for the WaterSmart Contractor Incentive Program (WSCIP), which offers rebates for irrigation devices such as controllers, nozzles, and drip irrigation.  

To learn more about the Water Authority’s programs and drought response, as well as more information on state regulations go to sdcwa.org.